Some comments on "western touches"

You may have noticed my comments on Western Touches in the below video. If you talked with me before my departure, you know I kept hearing this phrase from Expats. Here is some background on this phenomenon.

Before I left for Delhi, I spent a lot of time researching the housing market here. One of my major concerns has been finding a nice home, that isn't outrageously expensive. When I boarded my plane in Chicago, I had only lined up housing for 4 nights.

In my pre-move research, I kept coming across people in expat blogs who bragged that their homes had "western touches". I could never quite put my finger on what exactly a western touch was. However, I'm pretty sure they weren't referring to the priest scandal of the early 00's - or "To Catch a Predator".

As I thought about coming, I envisioned apartments without "western touches" as having "eastern cesspools". I remember on a visit to Tokyo being surprised at the number of Asian style toilets in high end markets & malls. Even the Bullet Train, the very heart of Modern Asia, had these hole in the floor style toilets.

After a few days, I realize how laughable the concern many expats have about coming here. Maybe my relative wealth in this country has shielded me from average accommodations, but every apartment I saw in my search had quite modern facilities. I certainly have seen some palatial homes around town (from the outside)- but even the smaller apartments I've visited have been clean, neat and organized. In fact, I was able to settle into a place *albeit temporarily* within 2 days.