Today, it finally started to rain. REALLY rain. This is the first time in over 100 years that the monsoon has hit Delhi this early in the summer. It really poured today, and the roads were definitely worse for it.

The roads leading to my colony are all paved, yet the road outside my gate, to the main guard is gravel. With the hot summer, this gravel & clay seems unable to absorb the rain as it comes down. On my way out to lunch, we drove through several inches of standing water for several hundred feet. The main road wasn't much better, with some hefty puddles.

Check out this video to see the rain in action:

Now, the rain itself isn't so bad, you really can just retreat inside and wait it out. Unfortunately, it has stirred up the insects a bit, and the mosquitos are out in full force. Arti & Craig received a care package from home w/ several cans of Off Deep Woods and were kind enough to donate one to me.

It is funny the things viewed as a commodity here, bug spray being one of them. The local bug lotion just doesn't seem to do the job. Or maybe it does. As I sprayed myself down last night, I couldn't help but wonder. Is it possible, that the familiar scent alone of off makes me think this stuff is working? I can't say I noticed any fewer bites today than yesterday. Maybe it is all a marketing ploy.

For those of you who don't know what the Gotti Boy's look like *i make reference to my haircut looking like theirs when the stylist finishes cutting it*, here you go: