Time For A Haircut

My haircut was one of the things that didn't get done before leaving Chicago. Along with selling my car, finding an hour to lop off my hair just didn't make it into my schedule. Today, I have an appointment in Gurgaon at Bella Madonna to get my hair cleaned up before I go out to dinner with some Expats in the area.

Craig has already had his hair cut here a few times, so I'm pretty confident it will be nice. However, I have hair that is so thick, that stylist don't normally know what to do with it.

I'm hoping that I don't come out with either a buzz cut, or a big old mess on top of my head!

At first glance, the hair place looks great, and they clearly cater to expats. I already knew of the place, but turned over the flyer in my bag from Le Marche' and Bella Madonna had a full page flyer for themselves attached.

So, this little experiment in hair cutting should be interesting. I've posted a before photo here, so you can see just how crazy my hair is right now. I'll definitely keep you posted on progress & will try to update you tomorrow with the after photo.