Le Marche of the Expat Penguin

I'd heard about this place in Priya, Le Marche'. It is an imported food store, like a small grocer on 4 small floors in the market. They are known in expat & local circles as a place to find more rare imported foods. I decided to check it out today after lunch as it is nearby.

The first thing I immediately liked about this place, is that they sell lunch meat. On the fourth floor, there is a meat section with seafood, Ham, Lamb & poultry. Of the lunch meat choices, it is mostly ham varieties, but they had imported soppraseta & other italian salted meat. Another perk, several varieties of bacon. Today I limited myself to some minced chicken & decided I was going to cook in this week a real meal, instead of the easy stuff I've been buying to date.

Also on the fourth floor is their small produce section. The produce section at Spencer's Hypermarket is more complete, but I was able to score some fresh green beans & new potatoes. After browsing the produce, I headed to the second floor & picked up some bug lotion. I glanced through the toiletries on display, but did not make any purchases. I was impressed with the size of the selection including my favorite shampoo from H20 on Michigan Ave.

In the basement, I picked up most of my dry goods. I did most of my damage here as I was happy to find Old El Paso, Betty Crocker, Doritos and many canned goods. I use canned tomatoes frequently to make sauces, and was pleased to find whole roma, diced, & tomato sauce on display. However, the big find on this floor was the coffee. I picked up some espresso roast & this afternoon am heading out to buy a coffee maker. I've been drinking instant nescafe' at home, and I'm missing a good strong brew.

Before checking out, I browsed the first floor & was able to find all the good cheeses you could reasonably need & a great bakery with Black Forest Cake, Donuts, and Croissants. Check out my purchases below: