Strangers in the night...

When I was a child, we had good friends who had a family compound on the northern shores of the lower peninsula of Michigan. In summers, the family would all spend time removed from Chicago - instead focusing on campfires, bike rides & trips to the bustling metropolis of Rogers City.

Once a year, my family would pack our stuff up and join them for a week. First, my mom, sister & I would go, and later, my father would join for the weekend. On one visit, our friends had brought along an adopted rabbit. It seems the local school needed someone to care for it over the summer, and our friends obliged. Unfortunately for us, this meant we spent the better part of the week tiptoeing around little pellets of rabbit poop. It was claimed that this rabbit was litter box trained, but I can assure you - this rabbit pooed wherever it wanted to.

To this day, my family still talks about how gross the poo everywhere was. I never thought I would have to spend a day again tiptoeing around... until I moved to India. At about 10 pm each night, after I shut my lights off, several visitors join me in my apartment. Thankfully, they are not rodents, but rather chameleon's.

At first, I thought this was kind of cute, after all - chameleons do their part as my house guest & eat the few bugs that make it inside. But lately, I've started finding little poo pellets around the house in odd places. I know, I have a maid, so I'm not picking it up.... but still - it is a little weird.

I've been told to consider myself lucky, as many other folks complain of cockroach problems., something that is common in 90+ degree heat. So far (touch wood - the Indian version of Knock on wood), I haven't seen anything larger than an ant in the house....

Come to think of it... maybe I'll keep the chameleons. Could they be natures exterminator?
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