I'm Punjabi by Nature, Not 'cause I hate 'cha

I found my new favorite restaurant today. Now, I haven't eaten there yet - but it was written up in the NY Times & has the best name EVER! Punjabi by Nature is a restaurant in the Basant Lok / Priya market. I just keep singing the Naughty by Nature - Hip Hop Hooray, Ohh, Hey, Oh....

In any case, here is what they NY Times had to say:
Everything about this place is loud and large, including the food. Try the vodka gol gappa aperitif: crispy shells filled with a spiced vodka shot and popped into the mouth whole for a hot, boozy explosion. Carnivores: Try the tandoor-roasted lamb or the fish tikka. Vegetarians must make do with overspiced, tandoor roasted broccoli.


Kathleen said...

Punjabi by nature was one of the restaurants i ate at while in Delhi...i thought it was good, i hope you have been able to try it!

i just stumbled onto your blog so i will take some time to catch up, but i am wondering, how did you get a job in india? my goal is to move over there hopefully sometime in the next year or so but i am not sure how to start?

shelmes said...

Hi Kathleen, I did it the easy way - I was offered a job w/ my current company. But, some folks I've met here have had success working for local firms - just expect a local salary.