As you can imagine, Delhi is full of expats. I see Australians, Germans, French, Brits you name it. Around this large group of expats, specialty food stores have sprung up to offer international staples for hungry expatriates.

On my first visit to one of these stores, I stocked up on the staples I require. Mayo for sandwiches, Tortillas, canned tomatoes. I left feeling satisfied that I would have no issues gaining access to my familiar favorites.

On my second visit to one of these stores, I suddenly became aware of the German, British and Aussie exports. And frankly, I'm more impressed with these! Tonight for dinner, I had great imported German sausages - the kind I've not found in the states, but love to eat when in Germany! For dessert, I nibbled on a few hob nobs from UK.... I'm excited to go back and stock up on all the other interesting international foods.